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Cambridge Children’s Books is a fun and exciting new adventure. Our vision is to create excellent children's books that engage children. Not only in reading, but in new ideas, stretching their imagination and comprehension.


Reading is so important for children’s learning and growth, and we are not just talking about basic literacy here. Reading can help us to learn about ourselves and the world around us. It can help in our relationships with others, and can provide children with the tools for dealing with difficult issues in life.


We focus on books aimed at children aged 0 - 8 years, as this is known to be the most important period of development. Picture books help children learn to read and interpret pictures in an engaging and often complex way. After all, 'a picture can speak a thousand words'. Picture books encourage dads and mums to read, and become involved in their child's development, strengthening the bonds between parent and child.


We work with people to publish their books, selling them online through large retailers who use print on demand. This results in very low costings, meaning no upfront costs, and authors earn 50% of the profits received from royalties.


We are currently open for submissions, and are particularly interested in working with illustrators. This includes anyone who wants to gain a name for themselves through blogging.


Come and be a part of our exciting new adventure!

Cambridge Chldren's Books
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