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Authors & Illustrators

Pip Barber

Pip Barber is experienced in and excited about teaching phonics and early reading. she has taught in infant and primary schools for several years. Pip loves living in Cambridgeshire and has found its cities, towns and villages fascinating places to learn about... and start to write about!


Gregoire Hodder

Gregoire Hodder is a new author of children's books and founder of Cambridge Children's Books. His writing is fun and playful, but always has depth to it that will make children and adults alike contemplate the messages conveyed. He believes that reading is an important part of our development on many levels, from literacy skills to moral and empathetic understanding. Born and raised in Cambridge he was writing from a young age. He is graduate of Cambridge University, studying Education and English Literature. The Little Lotus Flower is the first of many books so watch this space.

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Yasmin Kinsey 

Yasmin Kinsey is an up-and-coming author and illustrator and is excited to be publishing her first book A Melting Planet with Cambridge Children’s Books. Yasmin studied A level Art & Design at Hill Roads Sixth Form in Cambridge. As part of this course she created her first self-authored picture book which developed and eventually became A Melting Planet. Her heartfelt, urgent concerns about climate change, combined with a fervent hope that our environment can still be saved, reverberate throughout this gorgeously illustrated book. The delicate, gauzy watercolours work to illuminate the graceful beauty of the creatures we meet along the way as well as emphasising the splendour of the icecaps that they depend on. She begins an illustration course next year where she will work towards finetuning her skillset as a budding professional in the world of children’s literature.


Charlie Spurrier

Charlie Spurrier is a London based illustrator who works primarily within watercolour and ink. His drawings seek to capture a story in which the element of humour is key.  He takes inspiration from such notable illustrators as E.H. Shephard and Charlie Mackesy whose works capture a nostalgic childhood innocence.

Earning a 1st Class BA (Hons) Degree in Silversmithing, Goldsmithing & Jewellery Design from the University of Creative Arts in Kent, Charlie now works as a Conservator in the Museum sector, whilst illustrating in his spare time. Some of his drawings are held in private collections.  


More of Charlie’s work can be found on his website at –


Jamie Sugg

Jamie is a Cambridgeshire based landscape and wildlife artist, living on the edge of The Fens. While it was always his intention to become a professional artist early on in life, it actually took the best part of 20 years to bring it to fulfilment, via a career in reprographics, structural engineering, construction and the National Trust. He had always painted as a hobby, completing a few commissions for friends and family in his spare time, but was never able to commit longer hours to it. He has been a professional artist since 2015.


The Fens of East Cambridgeshire is his constant inspiration – the vast never-ending skies, the interaction of light on the flat landscape and the movement of clouds across the sky combines with an endless search for mark-making and vibrancy to create works of bold colour, strong contrast and a sense of movement and emotion.


He uses brushes, palette knives, nails, credit cards and pencils to create marks on canvas and board, layering paint over these marks and working into thicker impasto paint to reveal the layers underneath.


His watercolour and coloured pencil work leans into his background in construction draughting - he creates detailed work which highlights the intricacies of our created world, be it within its natural form or through the built environment.

More of Jamie's work can be found on his website at 

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