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If you choose to publish with us, we are there for you from beginning to end and forever more. We focus on children's picture books, producing high quality texts that have depth and meaning. We know what makes a good children's book and can turn your dreams into the next best seller. What's more, we do this at no cost to you. All we need is your time, imagination, skills and dedication.

The Process

This is how we work.



The creative side of publishing can be the most exciting part. We work closely with you, bringing your stunning and meaningful book to life.


We will meet with you as much as is necessary to perfect your end product. Our storyboard process aids the creation of masterpieces, bringing together amazing cover art and layout. We know how to professionally combine all the elements to prepare and finalise your work for print and digital.

Artist Sketching



Creating and promoting your book on your own can be tough. Having a community of people that are interested in your work who give constructive feedback and reviews along the way is an essential process to becoming an author.


When you work with us, you will become an important part of our growing and active community of authors and people with literary interests.




We sell primarily through online book retailers who work to print on demand. This means no upfront costs and access to a huge marketplace. However, books do not sell themselves.


As a collaboration, your book will be co-created by Cambridge Children's Books and the profits are split equally leaving 50% of the profit for you.

Selling Books
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