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Lesson Plans

Here are lots of resources that we think are great. Feel free to browse and use what you like. If you have any suggestions about what we could add, please let us know. 

KS1 Documents

KS1 Lesson Plan

KS1 Cross the river

KS1 Speech bubble outline

KS1 Topic words beyond Phase 4

KS1 Bingo blue cards (16 cards)

KS1 Bingo green cards (12 cards)

KS1 Bingo photo cards (6 cards)

KS1 Bingo red cards (6 cards)

Reception Documents


Reception Cross the river Phase 3 words and tricky words

Reception Funky fingers cutting

Reception Role play tickets

Reception Water sand illustration

Reception Tricky word flashcards Phase 4

Reception Maths position illustration

Reception Bingo blue cards (16 cards)

Reception Bingo photo cards (6 cards)

KS1 Tricky word flashcards Phase 4

Cambridge Punting Slide.jpg

Cambridge Punting

This beautifully illustrated book about punting in Cambridge is a great phonics reading resource for your school. Focusing on phase 4 phonics, this book is written by primary school teacher Pip Barber and will have your children reading in no time. 

The book is 24 pages and landscape, and its retail price is £5.99.

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