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"Drew’s new sticker was for being so good.
Dad came, and they all walked home through the wood.
The mouse was now happy; Drew had got the jab.
Drew was so pleased and felt totally fab!" 

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Drew has to get an injection, and is not sure about it. With the help of a few friends, this brave little mouse finds the courage to get a jab and help protect himself from getting ill. This thoughtful little mouse will put a smile on any face and will help your children think more deeply about protecting themselves with a vaccination. 

This book was put together in collaboration with the Cambridge and Peterborough ICB in the hope to help encourage younger people to be more confident about getting any vaccination they might need. They have been incredibly helpful in putting this together. 

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After reading Drew's Fab Jab 10 out of 18 students at a local school now felt confident in getting a jab.

One practitioner said, “We had a child brought to our session who was very nervous about vaccinating. We read Drew [Fab Jab] with him, and he clung onto the book whilst he was vaccinated, and then we re-read it afterwards too!”

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To order your copies please contact

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