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Written and Illustrated: Allan Ahlberg , Janet Ahlberg



Although it is thirty years old and in some ways older still as it is full of nostalgia for the 1940s in which it is set, the Ahlberg’s classic is as witty, original and delightful as when it was first published. How a baby sees the world is simply created by the cut out hole which views a small detail of each subsequent scene before turning the page reveals the busy details of family life. Janet Ahlberg’s loving recreation of the period with an old fashioned pram, washing line full of nappies and father in uniform is full of small, recurring details which strengthen the depth of a story behind Allan Alhberg’s rhyming text.


  • Board book

    Published by Penguin Books Ltd

    ISBN: 9780141337425

    Size: 170mm (wide) 151mm (high)

Delivery in 3 to 4 days

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