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Book of the month - Chrysanthemum, written and Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

“A rose by any other name…” Review by Meredith Clark

This book is about a tiny mouse named Chrysanthemum. She was told growing up that her name was absolutely perfect.

The first day of school the teacher, Mrs. Chud, took roll call. When she said Chrysanthemum’s name- the children giggled. The rest of the day she was made fun of for her name. Victoria said, “I’m named after my grandmother and you’re named after a flower.” Chrysanthemum did not think her name was absolutely perfect anymore.

Chrysanthemum went home to be greeted by her parent’s smiles. She told them about her name and how it was -truly dreadful. That night Chrysanthemum dreamed a lovely dream that her name was Jane.

The next day Chrysanthemum walked as slowly as she could trying to procrastinate and wanting to avoid her school mates. By the end of the day Victoria commented to Chrysanthemum that she still couldn’t believe her name. Chrysanthemum thought the same- miserably.

Upon arriving home, Chrysanthemum once again was greeted by her parents. “School is no place for me,’’ said Chrysanthemum. “They said I looked like a flower. They pretended to pick me and smell me." Her parents informed her that the kids were just jealous of her name.

The next morning, the students were introduced to Mrs.Twinkle, the music teacher. The children thought she was an indescribable wonder.

Trying to make a good impression for Mrs.Twinkle, Victoria was quick to brag that she was named after her grandmother and Chrysanthemum was only named after a flower. When Mrs.Twinkle hears them mocking Chrysanthemum’s long name, she comforts Chrysanthemum.

Mrs.Twinkle teaches us all an important lesson. We can’t pick on a person based on one thing we think is silly about them. Chrysanthemum immediately feels much better about her name and realises her name is absolutely perfect!

This book will give your child an enjoyable story along with giving the right tools to be loving and kind to one another. Children will enjoy the colourful illustrations along with the seeing how Chrysanthemum deals with the children that make fun of her.

Age Range – 5-8 years

Book length – 32 pages

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